Any time of year is a good time to buy and sell…

by jmaranto

I frequently get asked by my buyers and sellers about whether Fall and Winter is a good time to buy or sell versus Spring and Summer.  My typical response is that “it depends”.  Basically, it really depends on your motivation and reason(s)for buying or selling.  In the Spring/Summer there are more buyers and more sellers. In the Fall/Winter there are less of each, but they also tend to be VERY serious about buying and selling.  I bought both of my homes in the Winter. If you are a buyer and are looking right now and you are able to find YOUR home, then buy it.  You can always wait to see what new home will will come on the market, but if you found the home that makes you happy then is it worth the risk of losing it while you wait?  As for seller’s, if the need for you to move is so great that it is affecting your quality of life, then why wait.  It only takes one buyer to buyer your home and if you price it right and it shows well, you should have success.

Published on 2015-10-01 14:25:27