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med_roland-park-cicloviaDeveloped between 1890 and 1920 as an upper-class street car suburb, Roland Park was named after the early Baltimore county landowner, Roland Thornberry. Roland park has the dubious distinctions of being widely regarded as the first planned suburban community in North America and having the first strip shopping center in the country – The Roland Park Shopping center located at the 4800 block of Roland Ave.

Originally, part of Baltimore County, the 100 acres of Roland Park was annexed by Baltimore City in 1918. To make every effort to protect the area’s trees and natural vegetation Roland Park’s designers took advantage of the natural contours of the land, valleys, streams and woodlands when laying out the roads and designing lots on which to put homes.  Moreover, land-use restrictions and covenants were incorporated in property deeds to protect and maintain the landscape and architectural integrity of the neighborhood; property owners are still legally required to pay a basic fee.

Today, Roland Park is under the care of two very active organizations that are designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents – the Roland Park Civic League and the Roland Park Roads and Maintenance Corporation. The Civic league represents the community regarding land-use planning, improvement of community infrastructure, traffic management and transportation planning, public safety and crime, and support of important institutions such as the Roland Park Library and the Public School.  The Roads and Maintenance Corporation is responsible for Path, Traffic lane and island maintenance, and sidewalk maintenance, removal of debris, and convene ant maintenance.

Today, homes for sale in Roland Park’s exhibit many styles of suburban architecture including Victorian and Queen Anne, English Tudor, Georgian and Regency, shingled cottages.  Those looking to move to Roland Park can also find several apartment buildings as well as condominiums.

A tranquil oasis in the middle of a bustling city, Roland Park offers its residents a relaxed atmosphere while access to all of the modern conveniences.  It is convenient to downtown Baltimore, has a well stocked public library, a Community Pool, a local grocery store -Eddies of Roland Park, a Starbucks (ok, what community doesn’t) is in close proximity to the Baltimore Museum of Art and three major Universities (Loyola University, College of Notre Dame, and Johns Hopkins University, and situated near three shopping areas (two along the Cold Spring Lane and Falls Road corridors and one at the Village of Cross Keys) where Roland Park residents can find something for everyone.

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