Garrett D.

Highly recommended!!! John is seriously the best – super personable, knowledgeable, and straightforward – just a great dude in general. Every time we talked, I could tell that he had my best interests in mind, and he wasn’t afraid to tell me if I shouldn’t waste my time on a property – I appreciated that immensely, and he never gave off the negative “salesman” impression at all. During my initial home search (and eventual purchase), John was ALWAYS patient, honest, and understanding when it came to finding me exactly what I wanted in a house. My parents and I genuinely enjoyed talking to John about all aspects of each property – he’s just a friendly, cool guy. Super happy with the service he provided – I ended up with a wonderful house, and I have John to thank for that. He has also helped several of my friends find their homes as well, and I will continue to recommend him to anyone starting a home search. Thanks again, John – you’re the man!