Your listing agent didn’t realize you wanted to move quickly…

by author

So… I get this call from a frustrated seller who was not happy with their current listing agent. She and her husband were re-locating out of state and wanted to get their home sold quickly. When I asked her to provide me with some background it became evident to me that this relationship was flawed from the start. The listing agent did not provide the sellers with a market analysis to support the price or a NET sheet that showed seller proceeds or lack thereof, in this case. He also demonstrated lack of communication by not reasonably returning their calls or emails (several day response lag).

After she had determined they wanted to terminate the listing with this agent, and submitted the necessary written termination agreement, I scheduled an appointment with them to discuss listing their home. However, the night before the appointment the seller had called me back to say that they were going to keep the current listing agent after they had spoken with him. When I asked her what changed her mind she stated that “the listing agent did not realize that they wanted to move quickly”.

So basically, they are opting to stay with a listing agent that was not intent on listening to their needs and giving the listing his full attention because he did not think that they wanted to move quickly. Not sure that I understand that rationale, but it is obviously, their choice.

I always presume that when one of my sellers lists their home that they want to move quickly. Price it appropriately, make sure that the home shows great in the photos, and create a complete detailed

Published on 2015-06-29 14:21:46