You snooze you lose…

by jmaranto

I, like many Realtors, have seen home buying activity tick up quite significantly since January 2012. Within the last month alone four of my buyer clients have experienced a phenomenon that we have not seen in several years.  Competitive bids, homes going under contract before we even get the opportunity to see them, or homes going under contract within a day of being viewed.  I attribute this to a combination of pent up demand (most buyers now realize the economy is moving in the right direction and they are not going to lose their jobs), really low interest rates, and a good supply of appropriately priced homes.   Buyers, at least from my recent experience, no longer have the luxury of taking their time to mull over their options or to visit homes over several weeks “just to make certain” or to see “what other homes come on the market”.  If they do, the home they really wanted typically goes under contract.   My best advice, get your financing options in shape and when you do go to look at homes, have the mentality that you are going to buy every time you go out.  Don’t be like my four clients – disappointed that they did not offer on the home they loved.  If you see a home that you love, make an offer on it.

Published on 2015-10-01 14:10:59