Christian V.

As extremely new and somewhat naive home buyers, we were lucky to have been contacted by John proactively while viewing houses on Zillow. After speaking with some friends who work with local mortgage lending and title companies, they both vetted John’s experience/expertise and we decided to continue to work with him. He makes it very clear from the onset that at any point we can decide to stop working with him, but regardless he really took a lot of time and effort to first educate us on the process of buying a house (VERY IMPORTANT) and then leveraging his knowledge of the market and the process through about 30-40 house viewings, of which he never discouraged us from viewing. He really counseled us and helped us to avoid making mistakes that we would have otherwise without him. Most importantly, John never felt like he was “selling” us anything. He is extremely forward and very honest in his feedback, general thoughts and considerations while viewing houses. I viewed that as authentic intent to find us the “right” house no matter what the circumstances. He was ALWAYS responsive to our e-mails, texts and phone calls and he regularly (daily, on weekends, etc) and he is checking in constantly to make sure we have a proper understanding of the complicated process of buying a house. I highly recommend John to anyone that is ready or wants to be ready to buy a house.