So your mom is 30 days late on her car payment…

by jmaranto

Why do you care? Because you co-signed for that car, your credit score just dropped below 600, and now the lender cannot use your income for a home that you want to purchase.  This actually happened to one of my recent buyer clients.  A husband and wife had been pre-approved for up to $300,000 several months back .  When I met them, I advised them to get back in touch with their lender to make certain that their situation had not changed.  They did not, and when I took them to see a home that they loved, they were shocked to find out that they could not afford it because the person with the damaged credit could not be on the loan. Don’t let disappointment happen to you.  Have the discussion with your lender prior to going to look at homes. And then check your credit at regular intervals until you find your home just to make certain nothing unexpected cropped up.

Published on 2015-10-01 14:13:45