Pop Tarts Are For Breakfast

by jmaranto

I love the fact that today’s buyers have so many resources at their fingertips to look for homes.  Instant access to a home’s information via the Internet or even by simply driving by, via a QR code or a text can save a home buyer a lot of time. However, access to this information can also cause issues for the Realtor/buyer relationship.

One of the biggest issues pertains to what I call the expectation that Realtors drop everything and “pop” right over to meet them at a property.  And while, I am customer service oriented, this type activity can not only be a safety risk to Realtors (you don’t know who is on the other end of the phone) but we would not be not doing the buyer any favors by getting them in to see the home.

Before I meet with a buyer to show them homes, I ask that they come into my office so that I can answer any questions that they have about the home buying process and understand their real estate objectives and what they are looking for in their new home.  I also want to determine whether we would be a good fit working together.  By the time of the first meeting I would have asked them to speak with their lender (or one that I recommended) so that I have an accurate understanding of their price point.  While this all may seem like a lot of work to the prospective buyer, making certain that they have built a strong home buying foundation will make the process more pleasant down the road. I have always found that an educated buyer is more confident in their decision making process.  This process can be daunting for a new home buyer so why not make it as easy for them to have a pleasant experience as possible.

Published on 2015-07-18 07:34:36