No matter how many open houses you have, your home will not sell…

by author

Unless you price it correctly. I have said this time and time again. Homes that sell fast do so because they show well and are priced correctly – any time of the year.
If an agent does their job correctly they will provide detailed information about your home and professional looking photos on the local Multiple List Service (MLS). Once uploaded it will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people who are looking to buy a home in your area, regardless of where they currently live. I don’t care if your buyer comes from around the corner or across the country. I want to make certain that the impression your home makes on-line is the best impression it can make.

While open houses may serve a purpose, they are local events. Once your home has been listed on the MLS it then becomes a 24×7 open house. Buyers are savvy. They have information on what you paid for your home and can see if you have done any improvements, if past listings are available on-line. They also have access to local market information and can tell if your home is overpriced.

When you list your home and you do not get showings the most common cause is a mis-alignment between price and condition (which may also include location). Evaluate the comparables that your Realtor sends to you and listen to their advice. The sales statistics do not lie and when you price your home too high it will sit on the market while others will sell.
If you want your Realtor to have a productive open house it is imperative that it be priced correctly to entice prospective buyers to come and see it. Otherwise, they will discount it before ever stepping one foot in the door.

Published on 2015-06-29 14:24:18