I know you mean well, but it is your child’s decision…

by author

As a parent myself I understand the motivation behind your intentions to protect your children in everything that they do, including buying their first home. However, by inserting yourself as the gate keeper and not allowing a experienced Realtor to speak directly with them can pose problems down the road. Or worse yet, if you provide advice based on when you last bought your home you could be doing more harm than good. In most cases, the buying environment has changed since a parent last bought a home and it is important that current trends, experiences, and processes be explored and misconceptions be clarified based on today’s environment.

As a licensed professional experienced in real estate, it is important that I understand my client’s needs and wants. My number one one job when working with buyers is to make certain that they are confident and understand the process prior to going to look at homes. To accomplish this open lines of communication must exist. Working closely with my one of my approved lenders, my buyers gain an understanding of the types of loans available to them and the various types of offer scenarios that may work best to help them achieve their desired monthly payment or cash required to close. Once the lending discussion has occurred, I educate them on the home buying process and work with them determine their criteria for their new home, paying particular attention to price range, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking requirements, etc.

As we go through the process of looking at homes, they begin to develop an understanding of what areas they like, what floor plans and finishes are appealing, and other technicalities such as whether sump pumps are present, or what an HVAC return is and why it is important. And when they are ready to make an offer, they know that they are doing so in full confidence because they have educated themselves by working closely with experienced professionals.

As always I welcome parent involvement. This is a large purchase and your insight, guidance, and approval is important to your children. Please feel free to come along with them to any meeting that we may have. I definitely welcome that because it is all about trust. And everyone has to to be comfortable with whom they are working.

Published on 2015-06-29 14:20:27