Do you really want to buy a home?

by jmaranto

Home ownership is not for everyone.  I am currently working with a buyer who wants to make certain that she can still maintain her “single lifestyle” spending habits and own a “nice” home. She currently pays below market rent and has a nice income and this has allowed her to have a good amount of discretionary income.  Before we even went out to look at homes I had her speak with her lender and review her budget to ensure that she selected homes in the right price range to allow her to maintain her discretionary income spending levels.  The problem that she is now facing is that the homes that she likes are higher priced and would eat into her entertainment budget.  She can definitely afford the higher priced homes, but needs to definitely consider how that will affect her lifestyle.  There really are only three options to this dilemma.  Option 1 – Change spending habits.  Option 2 – Consider the lower priced homes, or Option 3 – Continue to rent.  And it’s OK if she does not buy a home.  She just needs to be happy with her decision, no matter which option she chooses.

Published on 2015-07-18 06:59:57