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When you’re shopping for a new home, you probably want the property to be as “move in ready” as possible. That way, you can… well… just move in! However, there are a lot… Read More

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about their friends that recently withdrew their home off the market after lingering for 6 months.  I was curious about what had occurred because… Read More

I am amazed how often that I hear from my buyer clients that I was the first agent to present them with the document entitled “Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent” at our first meeting.  As… Read More

True Story – I received a call this morning from a listing agent whose client did not accept my client’s cash offer on a home several weeks back. My client’s offer was less than the other offer. However, my client had also… Read More

I, like many Realtors, have seen home buying activity tick up quite significantly since January 2012. Within the last month alone four of my buyer clients have experienced a phenomenon that we have not seen in several… Read More

Please make certain to call your local utility company, in this case, BGE, when you are buying a new home to make certain that the utilities continue without interruption.  The number is 800-685-0123 and you… Read More

32nd Street Farmer’s Market Just got back from the 32nd Street Farmer’s Market in Waverly.  What a great place to get fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, breads and pastries.  All Local, many products are organic. … Read More

During the housing boom everyone thought that they could make a quick buck by buying, rehabbing, and reselling homes for a profit.  And while this was true, some engaging in this activity did not necessarily adhere… Read More

One of my buyer clients recently asked me this question out of frustration.  And when I opened the Baltimore Sun this morning an article appeared that appropriately described the current situation (which I had already… Read More

Or at least, the 21st Century Version of it. If you are selling your home it is imperative that you listen to what the market is telling you. If it is priced correctly and shows… Read More

Unless you price it correctly. I have said this time and time again. Homes that sell fast do so because they show well and are priced correctly – any time of the year. If… Read More

Well I’m not but my buyers are. Here is the situation. We go visit a home prior to it being listed. It was going on the market two days after we saw it. My clients… Read More

I have had two separate discussions with two separate clients in one day about this. So it’s worth writing about. Work is requiring that they relocate and they are considering selling or renting their home. Read More

I recently had a conversation with a prospective seller client who wanted to make certain that the listing agent he hired had buyers who could potentially be interested in his home. Now, while I would… Read More

So… I get this call from a frustrated seller who was not happy with their current listing agent. She and her husband were re-locating out of state and wanted to get their home sold quickly. Read More

I often get asked that question by sellers and often respond, “Quite frankly, I hope a qualified one.” I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, but at the end of the day,… Read More

As a parent myself I understand the motivation behind your intentions to protect your children in everything that they do, including buying their first home. However, by inserting yourself as the gate keeper and not… Read More

That is a good question and one that many sellers have asked their agent at one time or another (If you have not then congratulations). It could be price, it could be condition, it could… Read More