Homes for Sale in Hampden


Iconic Baltimore, Hampden is a place like no other.  The residents are a mix of bohemian artist (check out glass artist Wholly Terra), old school blue collar, entrepreneurial one-of-a-kind shop owners (think shoes and chocolate, all in one place), great restaurants, coffee (Spro Hampden offers a variety of coffees in 8 different brew methods, including their own cold brew drip tower), pie – the Dangerously Delicious kind, bike shops, and just generally community-minded, Hampden-loving people.

It’s not just a melting pot.  It’s a big old soup kettle where all the ingredients collide and blend into a masterful representation of so much that is right with urban communities.  Close to Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus, multiple grocery markets, numerous urban parks, a great main street called “The Avenue,” and its fair share of Hampden-only festivals and events, including:,

  • The Hampden Hon Fest – Beehive hair-dos, a tackiness quotient that is off the charts, and a celebration of all-things “hon,” the unofficial mascot of this little neighborhood in northern Baltimore, and a term of endearment heard throughout the state of Maryland.
  • Hampden Fest – Music, arts and crafts, street food and great people watching.
  • Hampden’s Miracle on 34th Street  – Quite possibly the most over-the-top display of Christmas lights ever seen condensed into one city block.  Each year, there’s a lighting celebration to kick off the season, and night time drivebys are encouraged.  Bring eye protection.  I’m kidding – kind of.

Ready to check out all that homes for sale in Hampden has to offer? If so, give me a call at 443-564-0952 or send me an email. I will be happy to create a free, no obligation automated home search for you that will deliver homes meeting your criteria directly to your email.  Once you have identified the homes for sale in Hampden that you want to see we can schedule a visit.

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